Meet our Team

The Belgian EUPATI National Platform (ENP) is an informal gathering of local partners who are interested in improving patient involvement in medicines research and development.

The ENP and its educational material does not represent the interest of any specific member of the ENP, or a specific therapeutic domain, nor product, and acts solely in the interest of patients.

The ENP is represented by a non-profit organisation (EUPATI BELGIUM VZW), which is a legal entity. The ENP is supported by EUPATI – the European Patients’ Academy, but acts as an independent financial entity.

The ENP has established an Executive Committee (herein ‘the Committee’) of 9 members. A minimum of 2 positions on the Committee will be reserved for patient representitives, 2 for academia and 2 for industry. It is suggested that Committees adopt a 3+2+2 composition , a 3+3+3 or a 2+2+2 composition giving the patient chair a casting vote.

In selecting their Committee, an ENP should be mindful of the tripartite partnership which EUPATI embraces. The Committee can revise the composition of the Committee at any time, based on a consensus vote, providing that there is always a majority of positions reserved for patient and academic representatives. A maximum of 10 members should sit on the Committee at any one time.

All positions are held in a voluntary capacity. In line with the ENP Rules of Reimbursement, Committee members may be reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses, but not for time or other expenses. Committee members must remember that they do not sit on the committee as representatives of their particular organisation, institution or company or as representatives of their disease, research or drug area. Committee members must represent their interest group with independence, objectivity and commitment.

The Functions of the Committee is :

  • To move the ENP towards the realisation of its strategic objectives;
  • To maintain and grow a diverse, active and united ENP membership;
  • To make programmatic and logistical preparations for ENP events;
  • To create Sub-Committees to engage in research, explore policy options and recommend action plans;
  • To sign partnership agreements on behalf of the ENP;
  • To develop or sign policy statements and other documents on behalf of the ENP;
  • To represent the views of the ENP with sponsors, funders, media and other key stakeholders;
  • To set the agenda for the Annual Meeting;
  • To monitor and evaluate ENP progress against work plans and budgets;
  • To ensure members comply with the provisions of this Statute.

Executive Committee


  • Dr. Mitchell Silva (Patient representative)

Vice-chair and Secretary:

  • Bonavonture Ikedia (patient representative)

Communication officer patients:

  • Magali Mertens (Patient Representative)


  • Nancy Van Hoylandt (Patient Representative)

Partnership officer:

  • Danielle Derijcke (Industry Representative)

Education officer:

  • Yannick Vandenplas (Academic Officer)
  • Teodora Lalova (Academic Officer)
  • Robbe Saesen (Academic Officer)
  • Evelien De Sutter (Academic Officer)

Communication officer industry:

  • Belinda Delys (Industry Representative)